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Table of Fees for the Department of Employment

Employment Regulations, 1994 Current Fee
Notification of Vacancy made in accordance with Regulation 4(1) (per position)* £8.60
Notification of Vacancy made on or within 10 working days of the commencement date of the Worker (per position) £8.60 plus penalty1 of £15.00
Notification of Vacancy made after the day on which the vacancy is filled (per position) £8.60 plus penalty of £30.00
Application for a Work Permit £63.50
Renewal of a Work Permit £32.00
Notification of Temporary Employment of a Detached Worker £84.00
Issue of Replacement Certificate £10.00

* As of the 1 Jan 2022 Employers with 10 employees or less are exempt from payment of Vacancy Fees and any associated penalties.

1 As from the 1 August 2023 the 10-day Vacancy Penalty fee may be waived at the discretion of the Director of Employment.

Employers are required to provide, in writing, to the Director of Employment with good reason why the 10-day Vacancy period could genuinely not be respected.

Submissions are to be made via email to:

Should payment have already been made please provide a copy of the receipt issued and your bank details in your submission so that the waiver, if granted, can be processed without delay.

Register of Business Trades and Professions Regulations Current Fee
Registration of a Business, Trade or Profession £84.00
Variation to the particulars of a Business, Trade or Profession £21.00
Annual Notification (Renewal of Certificate of Registration) £33.00
Late submission of Annual Notification £66.00
Inspection of Business Trades or Professions Register £5.00
A Certified Copy of the Business Trades or Professions Register £5.00

How to make payment

The Department of Employment will provide you with a payment link from which you may make direct payment for your respective service requests.

Alternatively, payments may be made by bank transfer with the details below.

Acc Name: GGA–Employment Acc No.47986743
Sort Code: 60-60-60
IBAN: GI33NWBK060606047986743

If making a bank transfer, please ensure to include the company name and brief description of what the payment relates to in the Payee transfer narrative. Failure to do so may result in the Department of Employment being unable to allocate your payment to the Service Request and cause unnecessary delays in processing your service request.

Also ensure that a copy of the payment notification is attached when submitting your service request documents via email if using bank transfer.