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Welcome to the Business Employee Assistance Terms (BEAT) Application, portal.

This application is made pursuant to the Appropriation (Business Employee Assistance Terms) Regulations 2020 by employers from a Relevant Sector who are seeking financial support for their Inactive Employees, as defined in these regulations. Applications may also be made by Self-Employed Persons from a Relevant Sector. All applications are subject to the regulations and to all terms and conditions contained herein.

The reason for requesting Inactive Employee personal details in this application is to ensure that HMGoG can effectively verify the information contained in this application and to be able to communicate to Inactive Employees once a BEAT contribution has been paid to an employer.

Kindly note that the personal details that you are providing us are required for the purpose of processing a lawful purpose carried out in the public interest and will be stored safely on HMGoG secure servers. All information gathered will be safely deleted once the COVID-19 pandemic has concluded and there is no longer any need for HMGoG to process this information.

We will ensure that this information is kept secure at all times, and that access is restricted only to those individuals that require the information in order to facilitate the confirmation and administration of any processing.

Should you have any concerns or request further information please contact us at