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Vacancies For Supply Special Needs Learning Support Assistant (SNLSA) – Department Of Education

April 17, 2019

The Government of Gibraltar invites applications for supply position for the post of Special Needs Learning Support Assistant (SNLSA). Applicants must, by virtue of their citizenship, be entitled to take up employment in Gibraltar and are, or on employment will be, resident in Gibraltar.

Applicants must possess a minimum of 4 GCSE passes at grades A, B or C, one of which must be in English Language, or an equivalent or higher qualification.

The salary for the post is £19,665 per annum (pro-rata).

Further particulars of the post may be obtained from the Human Resources Department (Tel No. 20071911) at the address below and on the Government of Gibraltar website at

Application forms may be obtained from the Human Resources Department, 82-86 Harbour’s Walk, New Harbours, Rosia Road, Gibraltar or the abovementioned website. Applications must be handed in or received by the Human Resources Manager, together with all relevant original certificates at the above address, by no later than 3.00 pm on Friday 3 May 2019.

Link to  PSC Application form :

Link to Vetting form:


 DEPARTMENT:  Education

POST: Special Needs Learning Support Assistant

BASED AT: Schools, College, Special School, LSFs and     Nurseries and Out-reach/In-reach      schools      and      other      Educational Institutions

RESPONSIBLE TO: Headteacher or delegated representative

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Director of Education; delegated to Headteacher


 To assist and support teachers with the learning and welfare needs of pupils, with SEN and/or nursery children on a one-to-one basis or in groups.


 As identified through the programmed planning process and under the direction, supervision of a teacher, when a student cannot, or should not, perform the following activities independently, the Special Needs Learning Support Assistant will, as required:

  • assist either identified individual students on a one-to-one basis or groups of students in their
  • assist students with their welfare and emotional
  • assist with the formulation of individualised or group learning
  • assist the teacher in the delivery of individualised or group learning
  • advise the teacher, where appropriate, on the impact of individualised or group learning
  • advise the teacher, where appropriate, on a student’s specific learning, behavioural, emotional and personal care
  • assist students with physical and mobility challenges by lifting and positioning, exercising, transferring from or to transportation, as specified in a Care
  • ensure a safe and respectful environment when meeting personal hygiene needs of
  • assist students with welfare routines, i.e., toileting, dressing, feeding, and personal
  • assist in the operation of support equipment, including lifts and assistive technology.
  • assist with the transit and support of children on Out-reach and In-reach programmes.
  • assist with the preparation of resources for pupils who are directly being supported.
  • prepare resources as directed by the teacher and assist pupils in their
  • to use ICT equipment for the preparation of resources and assist students in its use.
  • prepare the classroom for lessons and clear up afterwards as
  • monitor children in the LSF during break

When a student is unable to self-regulate his or her behaviour, the Special Needs Learning Support Assistants will, under the direction and supervision of the teacher, support the implementation of identified behaviour management programmes and generally assist and support the teacher to:

  • model and encourage respect for self and
  • promote or facilitate positive interactions among all
  • provide information and observe pupils as directed (e.g., frequency of a particular behaviour, on/off task information) where required and assist with programmed support when specifically directed and monitored by a teacher.




Qualifications and Training:

4 GCSE’s at grades A, B or C, one of which must be English Language.

Willingness to participate in other development and training opportunities.

GCSE Mathematics at grades A, B or C (as one of the 4).
Experience: Relevant work experience in a similar background.

Experience of working with children with SEN or Nursery.

Basic understanding of child development and learning.

Knowledge and Skills:

Ability to self-evaluate learning needs and actively seek learning opportunities.

Ability to effectively use ICT to support learning, or to undertake training to do so.

Understanding of First Aid procedures.

Good numeracy skills.

Personal Qualities:

A positive interest in working with children. Able to work as part of a team. Adaptability.

Ability to work calmly and with patience to build positive relationships with both students and teachers.