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Trafalgar Cemetery ‘Arboretum’ - 660/2021

September 17, 2021

Apart from its value as a historical and heritage site, the Trafalgar Cemetery has an extensive collection of trees.  There are no fewer than 83 species of tree growing within the Cemetery, many of them planted over the past few years.

A specimen of each species of tree within the site has now been labelled, with more interpretation to be added, which will aid the appreciation of the trees.

Specimens include mature and naturally occurring wild Olives, fine specimens of Narrow-leaved Ash, another native species that today in Gibraltar survives only in garden areas, as well as exotic species like Turkish Oak, Atlas Cedar, Camphor Laurel and Brazilian Fire Tree.  The Trafalgar Cemetery also now holds Gibraltar’s only Sweet Chestnut, transferred to the site last year from its previous location at the old Westside School in Queensway.

The Trafalgar Cemetery is looked after the Gibraltar Heritage Trust on behalf of the Department of the Environment and Climate Change, with horticultural and arboricultural work carried out by Greenarc.