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The Ministry for Transport together with GPMSL Announce “Phase 3 - Unlock the Rock” – Effective as from Monday 1st June - 373/2020

June 01, 2020


The Ministry of Transport together with Gibraltar Parking Management Services Ltd (GPMSL) would like to inform the public that as from Monday 1st June, and as part of “Phase 3 of Unlock the Rock”, the Parking Management Officers (PMOs) will slowly and gradually start to monitor the dif-ferent parking areas in Gibraltar. This will include all the different “Zones” and the “Pay & Display” areas.

In conjunction with the Chief Minister’s announcements of the initial lockdown on 17th March 2020, and then the general lockdown on 24th March 2020, the PMOs were instructed to assist with ensuring that parking was available for essential workers and members of the public who were un-able to move their vehicles, so the normal day to day enforcement was relaxed for the duration of the lock down. Now that we are moving into the “Unlocking Phase”, the PMOs have been instructed to commence the monitoring and enforcing once again.

Therefore, as from Monday 1st June 2020, the only Pay & Display area that will not be working as normal and which will continue to be reserved for GHA staff until the 1st August 2020 when “Rock Unlocked” is forecast to be officially announced, will be the parkings at Harbour Views Road in front of St. Bernard’s Hospital. All other Pay & Display areas will be enforced accordingly. These areas have continuously been monitored and an increase in contravening vehicles have been recorded. This is no longer acceptable and considered extremely unfair to those law abiding citizens who have continued to pay for their parking during these difficult times.

The Minister for Transport Vijay Daryanani said, “ It is now time to start getting back to some sort of normality as some people have parked without necessary permits. We need to bring back Gibraltar to how it was before the 17th March and this includes all the Transport services including parkings and zones.”