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Technical Call – Cruise Liners ‘Aidablu & Aidabella ’ - 304/2020

April 29, 2020

The Cruise Liners “Aidablu and Aidabella” are planning to carry out technical calls at Gibraltar on the 30 April 2020 at around 08:00 hrs.

In line with HM Government of Gibraltar’s decision to suspend cruise liner visits to Gibraltar during the current COVID crisis, it must be pointed out that these are not cruise calls, the vessels do not have any passengers on board, and they will be berthing exclusively to take on bunkers, provisions, discharge garbage, undertake waste disposal and transfer crew between the two vessels. No crew members, with the exception of those transferring from one vessel to the other, will be allowed to disembark, and no attendance on board the vessel from shore based staff will be permitted during their short stays in Gibraltar.

Government’s efforts are very much concentrated on tackling the COVID 19 crisis. However, Government is already looking ahead and has created Task Force Future which is tasked with evaluating and preparing Gibraltar to be best positioned as and when the economy begins to return to normality. As confirmed in the Government’s press release announcing the creation of Task Force Future, the Port is one of the areas which is considered critical to our economy. The Government considers it important to develop a strategy to be triggered quickly and efficiently demonstrating that Gibraltar is once again open for business.