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Table Top Exercise in case of no treaty - 840/2023

December 04, 2023

The Government remains fully committed to the negotiation of a treaty on the future relationship of Gibraltar with the European Union, and with our nearest EU neighbour Spain.

However, as has been said all along, it is prudent to prepare for the eventuality that it is not possible to conclude such a treaty and we end up with a Non Negotiated Outcome (NNO).

In this context, a Table Top Exercise was conducted last week led by the Civil Contingencies Coordinator Ivor Lopez.

The exercise involved departments, agencies and authorities of the Government of Gibraltar, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and the Ministry of Defence.

This time representatives of the private sector were also included, these being the Chamber of Commerce, the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses, the Finance Centre Council and the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association.

The private sector had also again been briefed fully on NNO preparations in July.

The Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia, who chairs the Brexit Strategic Group, briefly welcomed the participants and reminded them that the Government, together with the United Kingdom, is totally committed to arriving at an agreement with Spain and a treaty with the European Union. However, he explained that the status quo was not an option and that Gibraltar would end up either in a treaty relationship or in a Non Negotiated Outcome situation. “I want to thank the different entities who took part, the United Kingdom Government for their support and in particular the representatives of the private sector for their invaluable contribution,” he said.