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Suspension of Main Street & Irish Town Cycle Lane - 220/2020

March 24, 2020

Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar wishes to advise members of the general public that the suspension of the Main Street & Irish Town Cycle Lane will be postponed until the 31st May 2020.

The Government will extend the use of the Main Street and Irish Town cycle lane from the previous closing date of 31st March 2020 until 31st May 2020.

This decision has been taken as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with an objective to facilitate the delivery of food by companies that use bicycles to deliver to the elderly and others who reside in this part of town.

This measure follows ongoing announcements relating to COVID-19 whereby food delivery com-panies and other service providers will be able use the existing cycle lanes during the next few weeks when pedestrian and vehicular traffic will be at a low.

The Main Street & Irish Town Cycle Lanes will also benefit those wishing to exercise, throughout this period.

Cyclists are reminded to respect the operational hours and direction of travel as stipulated by sign-age.

The Minister responsible for Transport The Hon Vijay Daryanani said:
“This measure will be useful to food delivery companies and others. There is no conflict with busi-nesses or pedestrians at a time