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Self-Isolation Leave Scheme – Claims Processed - 936/2020

December 29, 2020

Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar announced last month details on the self-isolation pay scheme to assist businesses where their employees have had to self-isolate and are unable to work.

This scheme pays out employees (through their employers) and self-employed people who are directed to self-isolate and are therefore unable to work. For employees, participants are required to have exhausted all of their statutory full day sick pay but avoids them moving onto statutory half-pay. For self-employed workers, who do not have any statutory sick pay, the scheme avoids them receiving no income at all whilst they are in self-isolation.

Any employer, employee or self-employed person wishing to make their claim for self-isolation leave can contact the Department of Employment, Labour Inspectorate Section on their dedicated email address:

Anyone making an application will be required to provide a copy of their Certificate of Self-Isolation. Claims are paid out at a fixed rate of £52.50 per day, up to a maximum aggregate of 10 days. Claims should be made within 14 days of the date of direction to self-isolate.

The Chief Minster, the Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP commented: “I am pleased to announce that the first handful of claims have been processed by the Department of Employment and the individuals that applied have received their self-isolation pay leave on 24 December. This measure is directed at assisting workers so that they do not suffer a financial disadvantage if they are required to self-isolate.”