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Public Health awareness campaign for beauty and lifestyle treatments - 719/2023

October 23, 2023

The Department of Public Health are urging anyone considering an invasive or injectable beauty and lifestyle treatment to stop and ask who, what and how? 

  • WHO? Who is giving you the treatment and what are their qualifications and experience. Are they registered to practice in Gibraltar? Do they need to be?
  • WHAT? What is it that you are being injected with?
  • HOW? Look and watch what the person is doing. Contaminated or re-used needles can spread HIV or hepatitis B infection. Contaminated infusions can result in septicemia otherwise known as blood poisoning.

An advice and information sheet has been developed by the Department of Public Health in partnership with the Gibraltar Medical and Nursing Registration Boards, the GHA Chief Pharmacist, the Office of Fair Trading, and HM Customs. This is available online at:

The Director of Public Health, Dr Helen Carter, said: ‘It’s important that if you have any questions or concerns regarding a treatment, address these with the practitioner using these FAQs as a guide. If you are considering a beauty and lifestyle treatment and have questions that are not covered by the FAQs, please email for guidance and support.’

The Minister with responsibility for Public Health, Gemma Arias-Vasquez, said: ‘Please don’t take any unnecessary risks and make sure you are comfortable with the treatment and who is giving it to you.’