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OS 35 Update – Lifting operations can begin with 24 hours’ notice - 363/2023

June 05, 2023

The Captain of the Port John Ghio has confirmed that all preparations for the final stages of the removal of the wreck of the OS 35 are complete and that the Gibraltar Port Authority and its contractors are on 24 hour standby for the operations to begin.

The first stage of the lifting operation was expected to begin early this week, but has been unfortunately delayed due to the onset of Easterly swells that although relatively mild, could interfere with the safety of the works and the integrity of the boom.

The meticulous preparations have included a robust oil spill response plan from the contractors, backed-up by a detailed supplementary plan prepared by the Gibraltar Port Authority and the Department of Environment. These plans include the reconfiguration of the boom surrounding the wreck, equipment and personnel on standby, and increased coastline monitoring.

The Captain of the Port, John Ghio, said: ‘I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the public for their patience and understanding throughout these delicate last phases of the wreck removal process. We are taking into account multiple weather forecasts and are working closely with the contractors and stakeholders to work to the first available weather window. As always, this is a dynamic operation and we will continue to provide regular updates as soon as we are able.’