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Opening of Schools - 137/2021

February 18, 2021

The Department of Education is pleased that it will be able to welcome all our students back to school on Monday 22nd February as recently announced.

Schools will open their doors to our students in line with Public Health Guidance. All COVID-19 measures for health and safety and hygiene will continue to operate as they did before schools closed in December.

Although staff have been in regular contact with students and families everyone at Education is excited at the prospect of having our students back in our school buildings to resume their learning and social development journeys.

Students will now be able to be reunited with their peers and enjoy social interaction within their social bubbles which they have missed out on since schools closed at Christmas.

Director of Education, Jackie Mason said; "Teachers are ready to continue the curriculum provision for the students and address emotional and social issues that may have developed as a result of our last COVD lock down. As students  return to school, teachers  will now be in a position to evaluate their learning journey and where it may need supplementing to support their academic development alongside their social and emotional development.”

Minister for Education, John Cortes commented; “I am delighted that schools will be back next week.  Partly of course because this is a reflection of the decrease in the prevalence of COVID-19 we have seen in the last couple of weeks.  But also because our children deserve the opportunities that school gives them.  I am extremely grateful to the teachers who have been carrying on with their curriculum work online, and to the parents, grandparents and other carers who have supported them at home for two months.  I can’t wait to resume my school visits and see everyone getting back into the way teaching and learning should be."

The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP, said; "Monday will be a seminal moment.  After over two months, our children return to school, to learning and to their friends.  The sacrifices we have all been asked to make these lock down months are for our elderly and vulnerable but they have had an effect on our youngest also.  I want to expressly thank parents for their home schooling efforts and teachers for their remote learning work. I know this has been a hugely challenging time for both parents and teachers.  All have wanted nothing but the best for our children at this remarkably difficult time. We are now coming to the end of the worst of these difficulties and I know we will all be delighted to see our schools active and full of learning, play and enjoyment."