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New Picnic Area for Upper Rock - 90/2024

February 14, 2024

As part of ongoing improvements to the Upper Rock, the Department of the Environment is providing a new seating/resting/picnic area on the approaches to the Jews’ Gate entrance above the Lathbury complex.

The area, which was formerly used as a vehicle repair site, will provide benches and a picnic table for use by the public. In the next few weeks there will be an accessibility ramp and path provided for wheelchair users and landscaping with native species of plants. 

This is one of many new initiatives soon to bring further improvements to the nature reserve and its visitor sites.

Minister for Environment John Cortes, responsible for the Upper Rock, said: “The Upper Rock is a wonderful natural area which encompasses natural beauty, biodiversity and heritage. It will be seeing many more improvements in coming months, not just in relation to visitor sites, but also in relation to infrastructure. This new small area will be of benefit to the increasing number of people, locals and visitors, who enjoy walking, but is only a small hint of what is to come.”