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Minister Isola opens Cyber Security Conference in Gibraltar - 270/2023

April 27, 2023

Albert Isola MP, HM Government of Gibraltar’s Minister for Digital and Financial Services, gave the welcoming address at a cyber security conference held at Grand Battery House in Gibraltar on Wednesday 26th April 2023.

The conference was co-hosted by Gibraltar Finance and the UK law firm Weightmans LLP and included speakers from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, the UK’s National Crime Agency and the specialist cyber security team at PwC in London.

As Minister Isola was travelling back from Poland but in keeping with the cyber theme he pre-recorded his welcoming address. Michael Ashton, Senior Executive represented Gibraltar Finance at the conference.

Minister Isola stated: “I would like to thank our friends from the National Cyber Security Centre and the National Crime Agency for participating in the conference and sharing their advice and experience and to Weightmans for the work and commitment they have given to hosting this event with Gibraltar Finance.

“Today, all Government organisations and private businesses live with the threat of a cyber attack irrespective of their size. The threat of a cyber attack is growing and it is important that we continue to seek ways to stop future attacks. Equally important is how we react to an attack when it is occurring and how we deal with the consequences of an attack after the event.

“In Gibraltar we recently established a National Cyber Command to develop Gibraltar’s cyber security strategy and I am pleased that some of the people involved in this initiative together with members of the Government’s IT Department attended the conference.

“Finally, let me thank all the speakers for their individual participations and for ensuring that the conference was insightful, informative and very well received.”