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Memorandum of Understanding signed between Income Tax Office and Gambling Division - 160/2024

March 08, 2024

In a move towards fostering greater collaboration and tax/regulatory compliance, the Income Tax Office and Gambling Division of HM Government of Gibraltar have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

This strategic partnership aims to enhance oversight and streamline key areas of cooperation between these important authorities, including information sharing and enforcement on both regulatory and tax compliance matters. By leveraging each other’s expertise and resources, both authorities are committed to achieving improvements in these areas and fostering greater collaboration and coordination between them.

Minister for Justice, Trade and Industry, the Hon Nigel Feetham, commented: “In the global economy, no country can operate in isolation. The success of national economies and the maintenance of global stability depend on cooperation among nations in various realms, including taxation, regulation, and law enforcement. Within each jurisdiction, effective collaboration among agencies, authorities, and regulators is itself also crucial to safeguarding the jurisdiction's macroeconomic interests and is essential for ensuring the smooth functioning of the economy and the attainment of broader policy aims. The signing of this MOU is a significant step forward in that direction.”