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Mask wearing requirements for catering staff relaxed for staff who have received both doses of the COVID vaccine - 364/2021

May 11, 2021

HMGOG would like to remind catering establishments that members of staff working in a restaurant, cafeteria, bar or other catering establishments are required to wear a mask while working.

Due to the successful vaccination rollout, the high uptake of the vaccine by catering staff and subsequent low prevalence of COVID-19 in Gibraltar, there will be a dispensation from mask wearing by catering staff who have received both doses of the COVID vaccine.

The condition to wear a mask continues to be a requirement of the establishment’s permit to operate and establishments shall be subjected to spot checks on those relying on the dispensation. The onus is on those relying on the dispensation to prove that they have received 2 doses of the COVID vaccine.  It shall therefore be the responsibility of all members of staff not wearing a mask a to carry their vaccination card at all times.

Any establishment failing to comply by its permit conditions on mask wearing by staff is at risk of having its operating licence revoked.

Additionally, a failure to comply with such conditions may result in the issuing of a fixed penalty notice or the matter being proceeded with in the magistrates’ court.