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Making Contact with the GHA - 453/2020

July 10, 2020

During the current pandemic, there have been many changes to GHA systems and procedures so it is understandable that, at the moment, there may be some confusion regarding the Primary Care’s contact details.

GP appointments are available from 08:15 to 15:00 each day, and from 16:30 to 19:00 for the emergency evening clinic. These appointments will be carried out in a telephone conversation with the GP. Any face-to-face appointments will be by invitation after the telephone discussion with the doctor. We are constantly reviewing all our systems and are looking to provide the public with the ability to book face to face appointments without having to go through a telephone consultation first. We will be introducing face to face appointments for GPs with effect from 20 July 2020. However, to ensure that we respect social distancing and to minimise cross infection, we will need to limit the number of these appointments. Telephone consultations will also continue to be available for those prefer them.

During the COVID Pandemic, 20 telephone lines were set up to cater for the expected increase in demand. This was possible only due to the deployment of Government staff whose offices were closed through the pandemic. As we Unlock the Rock, these staff members have been recalled by their department and we have had no other option but to revert to pre-COVID arrangements of telephone lines. We have increased this by a further two lines but there is a huge demand on the system at the moment as a result of a return to normality for many. Adding to this, there have been some technical issues which have also slowed things down. We are happy to report that the technical telephone issues have been resolved and we are looking to set up further telephone lines within a new call centre.    

Doctors will always endeavour to call back every patient added onto their clinical session list. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances in which, for various reasons, the doctor is unable to get hold of a patient. Doctors are directed to call on three separate occasions during the course of the clinical session and these attempts are always documented in the patient record.

The telephone numbers to use for different services are shown below:

  • for GP appointments: 20007910 or 20052441
  • for enquiries: 20072355
  • for repeat prescriptions: 20007909 or
  • for sick notes: 20007888

In order for Gibraltar residents to renew their GHA Health Card, there is an online service which can be found on the Government of Gibraltar website under Covid-19 online services, GHA renewal of Card.

For the avoidance of doubt, this can be found at

Anyone without an eGov account will need to register first. The option will appear automatically in the same page, via the Register Now box.

After registration with eGOV, the username and password will allow the user to register online for the health card.

If there are any problems with eGOV or with registering, assistance is available via

Users are advised to save all the documents before the application is submitted.

Those individuals who cannot access the eGOV system are advised to contact the registration team directly via or, during working hours (09:00 to 13:00) on:

  • 20007833
  • 20007860
  • 20007866