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Legionnaire’s Disease Update – Director of Public Health and Environmental Agency continue to investigate all potential sources - 841/2023

December 04, 2023

The Strategic Coordinating Group monitoring Legionnaire’s Disease met this afternoon at No 6 Convent Place. The meeting was chaired by the Minister for Health and Care, the Hon Gemma Arias-Vasquez, and was attended by the Minister for Civil Contingencies, the Hon Leslie Bruzon.

There have been no further cases identified since the last meeting on Friday afternoon.

The Director of Public Health continues to investigate the potential source of infection, which remains unidentified thus far. The Health Protection team have conducted further interviews with the two recovered cases over the course of the weekend, whilst the Environmental Agency have taken samples of potential sources. Both are actively exploring all possible avenues to identify the source of infection.

Additionally, the GHA have implemented enhanced surveillance at the Primary Care Centre and St Bernard’s Hospital.

The Director of Public Health, Helen Carter, said: ‘If you have worsening shortness of breath or are concerned about your health, please call 111 for a clinical assessment. It’s important to remember that Legionnaire’s Disease can’t be passed from person to person and is circulated by aerosolised droplets of the bacteria, not from drinking water. Please remember to run any taps that haven’t been opened for more than 7 days for two minutes, and use proper windscreen wash in your vehicles.’