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HM Government of Gibraltar Welcomes the Consultation by HM Treasury on Market Access Arrangements Between the UK and Gibraltar - 166/2020

March 12, 2020

HM Government of Gibraltar notes and welcomes the consultation published yesterday by HM Treasury on market access arrangements between the United Kingdom and Gibraltar. This consultation is the next step towards legislating access for Gibraltar incorporated financial services firms into the UK market based on aligned high standards of financial regulation and supervision. Today, we start from a shared baseline of financial services law and regulation which both Gibraltar and the UK adopted prior to us both leaving the European Union. Gibraltar has also delivered the Legislative Reform Programme and introduced in January of this year the publication of the Financial Services Act and underlying regulations which sought, amongst other things, to eliminate gaps in outcomes that might have existed; focussing principally on the insurance industry.

The Hon Albert Isola MP, Minister with responsibility for digital and financial services said, “this consultation builds on the hugely important political agreement achieved by the Chief Minister with the Government of the United Kingdom to ensure continued reciprocal market access. We have been working very closely with HM Treasury over a considerable period of time and we enjoy an excellent relationship. Gibraltar in due course will also, naturally, be legislating to permit UK based firms to continue to access our market. This reciprocal access that is unique to Gibraltar and the UK reflects our strong and historic relationship and will permit further growth in financial services that is a key sector for our economy.”