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Hebrew Primary School enjoy STEM project - 875/2023

December 19, 2023

Year 6 children at Hebrew Primary School have been working on a STEM project incorporating Mathematics, D&T, Coding and Robotics using programmable robots called Sphero Bolts that they can drive and code from an iPad.

Year 6 children worked creatively and collaboratively in pairs and teams to design and build mazes for the Sphero BOLT to traverse. They employed mathematical skills to work out the angles at which the BOLT would need to turn before moving forwards, as well as programming distances measured so that the robot would navigate the maze successfully.

Each team evaluated their work by preparing a short video of their project. They discussed how they debugged coding problems as well as how they solved any maze design and creation challenges.

After their very hard work, the children were excited to showcase their work and extended an invitation to Year 6 children in St Joseph's Upper Primary School who visited to enjoy the work that had been produced. Together, the children worked collaboratively to share their programming and coding skills.

This very successful collaboration was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.