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Government to Re-Open Nuffield Pool and Create New Open Promenade at Little Bay - 370/2019

May 20, 2019

The Government is going to re-open the Nuffield Pool for residents and will start work to open up a new promenade linking Camp Bay and Little Bay along the seafront by the Nuffield Pool. The plans include landscaping and placing of seating areas along the way.

The existing palm trees will be retained, and up to 20 new trees will be planted.  Also included in the plans are a kick-about area for children as well as a children’s play area, replacing the existing ones.  The new area will also provide a new dog park.

The Nuffield Pool will be opened to the public on similar lines to the Bathing Pavilion adjacent to Harbour Views.

Works will proceed immediately, but will need to be halted temporarily to accommodate the Island Games, whose beach volley-ball sessions will be held there.

Minister for Sport, the Hon Steven Linares said, “It is great to be able to work together with the Ministry of Environment on this project since it shows the benefit of the Island Games to the whole community. All areas used for the Games - in this case the beach Volleyball Court and its surrounding  areas - will be beautified for all to enjoy, especially after the Games."

Minister for Environment, the Hon John Cortes commented, “We are very pleased to announce this project which will one up the area to the community for the first time.  It will be a new open-air amenity, which will be popular and well used both in the summer and outside the summer season.  Many dog owners will also welcome the creation of a dog park in the area, something that many have been calling for.  All in all, a wonderful new facility for all to enjoy.”

The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP, said, "I am very happy to see that we are re-opening the Nuffield Pool to be enjoyed by all residents. That was an area that was closed off to ordinary Gibraltarian working people for many years when it was run by the MoD and I am genuinely pleased that we are now able to make it available to our people at last.  This is about creating a facility for all our residents to enjoy in the summer months with their families. I could not be happier than to see this open area reserved for this purpose."