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Government Reminds Public to Take Precautions in Spain - 607/2020

September 08, 2020

The Government would like to remind the public to take extra care when travelling to Spain in the light of an upsurge in cases of COVID-19.

It is important that everyone is familiar with the laws and rules that apply in Spain and that they are aware that these rules may differ from one region to another.

The latest figures show that there are nearly 700 hospitalised cases of COVID-19 throughout Andalucia, of which over 100 are in intensive care. In addition to this, local lock-downs are in place in some areas like the nearby town of Barbate.

La Linea has reported 97 active cases and Algeciras 245.

A spike of cases in Gibraltar in August was linked directly to a party in Marbella attended by a number of young people from Gibraltar. It is important that everyone should understand that such activities pose a risk to other relatives in particular those who are elderly or vulnerable to the effects of the virus.

COVID-19 poses a risk to human health and already nearly 900,000 people worldwide have contracted the virus and died.

The Government urges those persons going to Spain to make sure that they follow the rules and that they take adequate precautions, including the use of face masks, frequent hand-washing and maintaining social distance.