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Government launches Gibraltar Maritime Day - 576/2022

August 18, 2022

The Minister for the Port, Hon Vijay Daryanani MP, has today launched Gibraltar Maritime Day.

This is a new project that will help showcase the Gibraltar Maritime product abroad. It will consist of a one-day event where all participating stakeholders, led by the Gibraltar Maritime Administration, Gibraltar Port Authority and the University will be given the opportunity to speak about what they have to offer and engage with potential clients for Gibraltar.

The first event will be held in London on Tuesday 20th September, with the aim to hold more similar events in different maritime jurisdictions.

Minister Daryanani commented: “This is part of our ambitious marketing strategy for the Port and for Gibraltar’s maritime sector in general. The GMA has a big role to play too in promoting the flag. I feel we need to take a step further and go and meet people with this bespoke event on pushing our product. We will start in London and hopefully move on to other important maritime jurisdictions in the future. I am delighted by the response I have had from the local stakeholders. They are extremely keen to work with the Government and make this project a success. The Captain of the Port and I have been working on different strategies on how to make Gibraltar the outstanding Port of choice in the Mediterranean and we hope this will go towards achieving that goal”.