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Gibraltar Net Zero Delivery Body meets - 360/2022

May 24, 2022

A workshop to discuss the setting up and operation of the Gibraltar Net Zero Delivery Body (NZDB) took place on Tuesday morning.


The Climate Change Strategy is an ambitious programme in terms of scope and targets and it acknowledges that delivering on it will require co-operation and co-ordination across Government, as well as with businesses and individuals. 


The objective of the delivery body will be to increase the likelihood of success of the plan by allocating responsibility for its implementation to a body which can advocate and drive its delivery. 


The benefits include:


  • Greater success of the Climate Change Strategy overall
  • Better advocating for and monitoring of progress
  • Clear public accountability for delivery
  • Ability to join-up government departments, agencies and authorities as well as other stakeholders at all levels
  • Creation of a coordinated public engagement campaign


The Board will include the Ministers for the Environment and Transport as well as senior government officials. It will be supported by a Secretariat hosted by the Department of the Environment and Climate Change and will be responsible for creating specific working groups to deliver on key policies within given timeframes.


The Department of the Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change and Heritage, with its appointed consultants KPMG, has been carrying out stakeholder engagement for the last two months in order to ensure that the NZDB is one that can work for all participants. 


Minister for the Environment, Dr. John Cortes said: “This is a critical initiative which will provide the cross-government collaboration and support that is needed to drive the Climate Change Strategy and ensure that our carbon emission targets are met.”