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Gibraltar-based INX Limited Becomes the First SEC-cleared Security Token IPO - 573/2020

August 27, 2020

Gibraltar –  August 2020 – HM Government of Gibraltar has today welcomed the news that Gibraltar-domiciled company INX has become the first security token IPO cleared by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Established in 2017, INX’s mission is to accelerate the proliferation of regulated digital asset opportunities to institutions, as well as retail investors, while developing its suite of bespoke INX Trading Solutions to enable single entry-point for their customers for the trading of cryptocurrencies, security tokens, and their derivatives. The INX team comprises a number of professionals from the regulated trading, capital markets, and blockchain spheres. 

Having filed an F-1 Form – a securities registration for non-U.S. issuers – with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), under the SEC filing code INX F-1, a registration statement relating to these securities has now become effective. Based on the filing, the $117 million is set to be the largest crypto IPO in history, with 130 million INX tokens available at $0.90 each.

Gibraltar’s Minister for Digital and Financial Services, the Hon Albert Isola MP, said, “The news that the Gibraltar-domiciled INX platform has become the first SEC-cleared security token IPO is a hugely important moment for INX, but also for our jurisdiction’s burgeoning ecosystem. Here in Gibraltar, we continue to break new ground with regard to blockchain and crypto innovation, and INX has contributed significantly to this collective effort. I would like to congratulate the INX team who have worked relentlessly to reach today’s milestone.”

Shy Datika, Founder and President of INX commented, “Our vision for INX and the INX Token required a solid foundation of regulatory clarity for security tokens and cryptocurrencies.  Gibraltar’s regulators were ahead of other jurisdictions on forging a path in this respect, and so INX was glad to make it our home.”

Aaron Payas, Partner with Gibraltar based Hassans International Law Firm continued, “It is a matter of some pride for Hassans, INX and for Gibraltar that the first security token offering approved by the SEC for distribution to the US public isn’t a US entity – it is a Gibraltar company, constituted and operating under the Laws of Gibraltar.  This is an excellent development for the jurisdiction, the efforts of which in the DLT and wider fintech space are being validated by the successful filing of the INX security token – making a public offering of tokens in the US had long been the ambition of many projects in the industry, something that was thought by many to be impossible. We now know, as a firm, that it is not.”


Minister for Digital and Financial Services, The Hon Albert Isola MP, is available for interview.

About Gibraltar

A British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar is a self-governing and self-financing democracy that has established itself globally as a reliable centre for the blockchain and digital assets industry. In January 2018, Gibraltar became the very first jurisdiction globally to introduce legislation around Distributed-Ledger-Technology (DLT), and has since asserted its position as a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency hub. With Gibraltar’s core values of regulation, reputation, and speed to market at the foundation of its efforts within the blockchain industry, Gibraltar is now globally renowned for its commitment to creating a sustainable and secure regulatory framework for blockchain, as well as being one of the leading proponents in the advancement of the technology. For more information please visit

About The Hon Albert Isola MP

The Honourable Albert Isola MP is Gibraltar’s Minister for Digital and Financial Services with the primary responsibility of raising Gibraltar’s profile as an established onshore, mainstream, well-regulated financial services centre. Working closely with the financial services regulator, the Financial Services Commission, he is responsible for financial services policy, product development, and responding to international initiatives such as international tax compliance. Minister Isola played a leading role in the establishment of the Gibraltar International Bank, a first for Gibraltar as a home-grown full-service credit institution.

About INX Ltd

INX Limited, a Gibraltar-based private company formed in 2017, is led by a team of experienced professionals from the regulated trading, capital markets, and blockchain industries. Since late 2017, INX has been developing INX Trading Solutions as a single entry-point for our customers for the trading of cryptocurrencies, security tokens, and their derivatives.

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