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GHA to de-escalate mask use - 361/2023

June 02, 2023

Following evaluation of local and UK Guidelines, rigorous risk assessment and close consultation with its medical expert, the Gibraltar Health Authority is pleased to announce the de-escalation of mask use throughout its premises as from Monday 5th June 2023.

  • Healthcare professionals, staff, patients, and visitors are no longer required to wear masks in all areas of the hospital. This includes common areas, non-clinical offices and designated dining areas.


  • However, the use of masks may still be required in specific situations, such as when caring for patients with known or suspected respiratory illnesses.


Masks will remain available at GHA front entrances for those staff, patients or visitors who wish to use one.

Patients may also request that staff wear a mask and the GHA view is that the choice of the individual should be respected in this regard.

The GHA also encourages the community, regardless of vaccination status, to practice good respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette.

The Director General, Professor Patrick Geoghegan, said: ‘The de-escalation of mask use within the GHA is a testament to the collective efforts of our healthcare community, the commitment of our staff and the resilience of our patients. While we celebrate this milestone, we remain vigilant in our commitment to infection prevention and control. We will continue to closely monitor the local epidemiological trends and promptly adapt our policies as needed. Patient and staff safety remain our top priority. The GHA is proud to have served our community throughout these challenging times and we look forward to continuing to provide exceptional care while navigating the path to recovery together’.