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GHA Services are Being Cautiously Expanded - 540/2020

August 17, 2020

The Government notes the latest Opposition statement on the restoration of Primary Care Services.

The Government considers the safety of GHA staff and patients to be of paramount importance, and the move back to normal services at the GHA must be taken slowly and with a flexible approach, within the full context of an ongoing global pandemic.

This means that services cannot simply be fully restored in keeping with a pre-set deadline, without constant reassessments of the situation locally, regionally and globally.

The Government assures the public that plans for the restoration of full services at the GHA are in place, and patients can expect to see provision for face-to-face appointments and the return of established booking systems for the Primary Care Centre shortly.

The Government wholeheartedly thanks the staff and clinicians throughout the GHA for their dedication throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and their hard work to restore services for patients as soon as possible and as safely as possible.