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Evening update on water situation across Gibraltar - 547/2022

August 04, 2022

The Government has, this evening, been briefed on the latest situation regarding water disruption in Gibraltar. The situation across the AquaGib network continues to remain stable with only The Sanctuary and the upper area of Gardiner’s Road remaining affected as a result of low stock levels at the AquaGib reservoirs.

The significant leak announced earlier today affecting the Red Sands area has now been fully repaired with water supply returning to all areas except for the southerly part of Alameda Estate. Water to these blocks is expected to return by midnight tonight. In the interim, a bowser containing potable water has been deployed to the area.

The potable water being imported by trucks from Spain is continuing to assist AquaGib’s efforts in restoring and maintaining water supply throughout its network. Yesterday, 600,000 litres of potable water was imported from Spain for this purpose and this continued today with over 600,000 litres having been unloaded into Hesse’s pumping station.

Additionally, members of the public are advised that they should not be concerned with the activity taking place at the GSLA Hockey Pitch in the Bayside Sports Complex as the watering of the pitch is being done with non-potable water.

A further meeting of the Strategic Coordinating Group has been scheduled for tomorrow at midday.