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Donation of Audiology Equipment to the GHA by the Guardian Angel Foundation - 747/2020

October 27, 2020

The GHA is delighted to have received a donation of audiology equipment from the Guardian Angel Foundation.

The equipment donated to the audiology department will contribute to the development of a comprehensive paediatric service within Gibraltar.

The AD629 audiometer and the Titan DPOAEs will enable the department to perform some of the testing required for paediatric audiology.

The new audiometer will allow for standard hearing testing for all patients within the audiology clinic. It is also small and portable so will be taken into schools and used for the new school hearing screening program. The Titan Distortion Product Oto-Acoustic Emissions (DPOAEs) provides an objective test of hearing and inner ear function and can be easily and quickly measured in young children. This equipment now enables the GHA to offer further services in the treatment of children, which had previously been undertaken in the UK.

A demonstration of the equipment was made by Mr Julian Danino, Consultant Rhinologist and Paediatric ENT Surgeon and Ms Michelle Quinn, Audiologist, to the Committee members of the Guardian Angel Foundation Mr Kevin Hook and Mr Tyrone Vinet.

The Guardian Angel Foundation’s Tyrone Vinet said: ‘It’s an absolute privilege to partner with the Government of Gibraltar to improve the facilities available for children. We look forward to continue to work closely together in the future’.

Minister for Health, the Hon Samantha Sacramento MP, said: ‘My sincere thanks to the Guardian Angel Foundation for their continued generosity once again, in supporting the provision of paediatric services. The donation of this equipment enables the repatriation of services and children and their families will no longer have to travel to the UK for this test. This is particularly important in these COVID-19 times’.