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Consultation Paper on Regulation of Personal Transporters - 366/2019

May 16, 2019

HM Government of Gibraltar is pleased to announce the publication of a Consultation Paper on the Regulation of Personal Transporters.

The Government has been closely monitoring developments worldwide and particularly within Europe regarding the recent proliferation of e-devices, especially e-scooters. The appearance of this technology on our roads, public areas and pavements has seen countries, cities and municipalities grappling to understand and indeed decide how to legislate and regulate for these electric devices. Indeed, some countries have started to report injuries as a result, some very serious and even fatal in nature.

Whilst Government welcomes alternative and more sustainable forms of transport, particularly the more environmentally friendly electric variety, Government has been conducting its own extensive internal review and wishes to gauge the public opinion on this very important matter. Although the Government welcomes different forms of transport, the Government is of the firm view that the general safety of our road users and pedestrians remain of predominant concern.

The Government once again looks forward to engaging our community as we continue to safeguard our environment and encourage healthier lifestyles whilst we continue to improve our road and pedestrian safety.

The Consultation Paper is available for download from the Government of Gibraltar – Laws of Gibraltar website on the following link:

Printed copies are available from the offices of the Ministry for Infrastructure and Planning:

Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning
HM Government of Gibraltar
Suite 735
GX11 1AA



Comments on this Consultation Paper must be clearly referenced ‘Consultation Paper on Regulation of Personal Transporters (C01/2019)’ and sent in either via e-mail or delivered to the above address. The e-mail address for comments, as referenced in the Consultation Paper is:

Persons thinking of purchasing any variety of personal e-device for themselves or as a gift should take careful note that this review could lead to strict regulation and potential prohibition in part or in its entirety, as HMGoG will in due course be publishing rules for these devices.