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Chief Minister’s Statement on Tobacco Duty Increases and Fuel Duty Discounts - 115/2024

February 22, 2024

Madam Speaker,


The Government has been monitoring developments in respect of two dutiable commodities in the course of the current financial year.


We have been concerned in the case of tobacco to continue to ensure that the price of tobacco in Gibraltar is designed to suppress any potential growth of the illicit market in such products.


We are equally concerned to ensure that the market in automotive fuel continues to be accessible to those who need to use their vehicles for work or family purposes.  


A vehicle today is not a luxury for many.  It is an essential tool.


In the circumstances, Madam Speaker, the Government now makes the following announcements:


The duty on each Master Case of tobacco will go up, from midnight LAST night, that is to say, zero hours today, Thursday the 22nd of February, by £100.00.


That is the equivalent of 20p per packet of twenty cigarettes, £2 per carton or £10 per 1,000 sticks, the latter being the international Customs measure.


This measure is designed to ensure that we keep to the international obligations Gibraltar has acquired in the years we have been in Government and adds to the battery of measures we have introduced to ensure the control of the tobacco market in Gibraltar. 


Additionally, in relation to the market in automotive fuel, the Government is today reintroducing the fuel duty discount which had been in place until 31st December 2023.


We consider that the price competition from around Gibraltar is damaging to suppliers and consumers in Gibraltar and for that reason we are taking this step.