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Chief Minister and HE the Governor wish HMS Diamond safe passage - 146/2024

March 04, 2024

The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo KC MP, and His Excellency the Governor, Sir David Steel, sent a joint personal signal to the Commanding Officer of HMS Diamond following her departure from Gibraltar to return to front line service in the Red Sea.

HMS Diamond was in Gibraltar from 10th February – 2nd March 2024 for maintenance, including restocking and refuelling, after two months’ active deployment.

In the joint signal, the Chief Minister and the Governor told the Commanding Officer that HMS Diamond's presence alongside in Gibraltar these past few weeks has been an inspiration to all proud Britons on His Majesty’s Rock. They expressed their heartfelt thanks for all that HMS Diamond does so well and wished them safe passage and return to Gibraltar on their way home, emphasising that they are in the thoughts of all Gibraltarians.

In his reply to the Chief Minister, the Commanding Officer conveyed his gratitude for the outstanding support and hospitality shown by the whole of Gibraltar, adding that the visit had offered a superb break to the Ship’s Company after a busy period of operations. He noted that the substantial amount of critical maintenance achieved in an incredibly short period of time highlights the huge importance of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar wishes HMS Diamond and her crew fair winds, a following sea and Godspeed.