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Certain foodstuffs will not be allowed into Spain in no deal situation - 778/2020

November 09, 2020

In the event of no agreement on the future relationship between Gibraltar and the European Union, it will no longer be possible to take certain types of foodstuffs across the border from Gibraltar to Spain. The Government has today issued a Technical Notice on the subject so that the public familiarise themselves with the possible new situation.

As from 1 January 2021, it may no longer be possible for individuals to introduce any quantity of meat, milk, pet-food, or fishery products into the European Union, therefore into Spain. This also includes personal consignments of specific animal products such as honey, live oysters, live mussels and snails unless their combined quantity does not exceed 2KG per person. The details of the new arrangements that would apply are set out in EU law and summarised by the Government in the latest guidance to citizens and businesses.

There are other types of foodstuffs that will be allowed across like bread, cakes, sweets, chocolates, pasta and noodles for example.

Gibraltar left the European Union in January, together with the United Kingdom, and we continue in a period of transition until the end of this year. When we arrive at that point, there will either be agreement on our future relationship with the European Union, including its nearest Member State Spain, or there will be no agreement. The Government want to make it clear that it is working hard to secure an agreement. However, there are important red lines that we will not cross.

Gibraltar’s departure from the European Union means that certain processes and procedures will inevitably become more difficult, cumbersome and bureaucratic. It is important that everyone is aware of this and that, where possible, they plan ahead. The Government can only prepare in areas that are within its control. Even then, there will be certain areas where mitigation is not possible because the new situation simply reflects what it means to be outside the European Union.