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'Art vs Covid19' Exhibition opens at the Fine Arts Gallery - 466/2020

July 16, 2020


The 'Art vs Covid19' exhibition organised by the Masa-UK Art Gallery in Manchester aims to create a project to show how art is bringing us together, making us stronger and resilient during the COVID pandemic. A total of 13 artists from Austria, Spain, Argentina and Gibraltar have contributed to the show, with the exhibition seen as being a response to the way the virus has affected the whole world.

The Minister for Culture, John Cortes and the Minister for Health, Paul Balban launched the event at the Fine Arts Gallery. Speaking at the opening, which only featured the organisers and a few artists, with social distancing and other precautions in place, Dr Cortes said that during critical times Culture becomes even more important, as it gives us our identity, hope, and allows us to express ourselves whilst defining who we are as a community. For his part, Minister Balban felt that the exhibition offers an insight into how the virus had affected and touched us all.

The exhibition offers a variety of artwork, including photography and sculpture with many different styles being reflected and materials being used.  Most items are on sale.

The exhibition will be open Mondays to Saturdays, from 10am-2pm, until the 25th July.