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Active Travel Strategy: Bayside Road Cycle Counter - 198/2024

March 21, 2024

The Government has taken significant steps towards decarbonising the transport sector as part of its commitmentto achieving its Net Zero goals. One crucial aspect ofthis effortis the development of cycling infrastructure, with works already undertaken at Kingsway Tunnel, Bayside and Glacis Road, with more routes to follow shortly.

Gibraltar’s Active Travel Strategy outlines the vision for the future of active travel, emphasising walking and cycling as environmentally friendly and healthier modes of travel. This strategy builds upon the foundations laid out in the Sustainable Traffic and Transport Parking Plan (STTPP) and aligns with goals of the Climate Change Strategy 2021.

A bicycle counter was installed at Bayside Road, as data collection is a crucial aspect of any initiative, especially when it comes to promoting sustainable practices like cycling. By systematically gathering and analysing data, the Ministry of Transport can better inform future decisions, track progress, and continuously improve services. The data will be published on a regular basis.

The counter serves essential purposes, providing real-time data on cycling patterns, including peak hours and seasonal variations, as well as demonstrating the success of the cycling infrastructure introduced to date – as highlighted in the graphs below. The counter also helps to promote cycling culture by making cycling visible, reinforcing a sense of community, and encouraging the use of the cycle infrastructure, enhancing the overall urban experience. This data will play a vital role in shaping a cycling-friendly city, promoting active transportation and creating a safer environment for cyclists.

Minister for Transport, the Hon John Cortes, said:“As we continue to roll out our cycle and walkerfriendly infrastructure, it is important to share the data that shows the success of these initiatives, so that people realise that they make a real and positive difference to our mobility.”