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Gibraltar gives high priority to the education of its youth. The education system follows that of the UK, therefore students in Gibraltar undertake the same examinations as those in Britain. There are no facilities in Gibraltar for full-time higher education; so students follow courses elsewhere at degree or equivalent level (and certain non-degree courses). The Gibraltar Government operates a scholarship/grant system to provide funding for those studying in Britain. A substantial pool of graduate expertise is now available to employers in Gibraltar.

An EU state national can work in Gibraltar and enjoy all the benefits and protection of European legislation relating to the free movement of workers, such as freedom from discrimination on the grounds of nationality, the worker will also be entitled to residence, as will his or her family.

Non-EU nationals (Non-Entitled Workers) will require a prospective employer to request the issue of a work permit before commencement of employment.

Various conditions will need to be met by the employer before approval may be granted for the issue of a work permit. A work permit is issued for a period not exceeding 12 months.

The employment of a worker for whom a work permit is required without the employer having first obtained such a permit is an offence and a fixed penalty of £3,000 may be issued to the employer.


The following registration and annual renewal fees apply:

Registration £65
Annual Renewal £25


Department of Employment
76/77 Harbours Walk
General Enquiries Tel: +(350) 20011000
Fax: +350 20073981