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Supporting business

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Owing to its special position within the EU, Gibraltar presents a highly attractive location to base a business. As such, the Supporting Business section provides a great deal of useful information on the various issues and challenges faced by those wishing to do business here. You will also find in-depth information on e-business, legal matters, the Finance Centre, maritime businesses and the functions of the Statistics Office.

Open for Business

With its special terms of EU membership, Gibraltar provides an extensive selection of products and services that meet the requirements of both local and international investors.

Finance centre

Banks, trusts, insurance and reinsurance companies, high quality ancillary services such as accountancy and legal practices as well as communications and information technology providers have all made Gibraltar the first class international business hub that it is today.


Here you will find information and resources related to registration of ships, surveys, audits, maritime legislation and guidelines.

EU Funding

There are currently a total of 7 EU Programmes that are in operation in Gibraltar. These Programmes are funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Government of Gibraltar.