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Professional Service

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Gibraltar is a self-governing UK overseas territory. It is likewise a modern, low tax jurisdiction with a robust, vibrant economy and a stable political climate. In addition, Gibraltar is part of the Commonwealth and entered the EC in 1973 at the time of UK accession. However, the Common Agricultural Policy, Value Added Tax and the Common Customs Tariff do not apply to the jurisdiction.


Gibraltar is located on the South western tip of Europe, in the Strait of Gibraltar at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. It is accessible by land, sea and air. Exceptionally, visitors may require a VISA or similar and will need to contact the Civil Status & Registration Office via Tel: +350 20051725 / +350 20076945 or

Business Hours

Most businesses are open between the hours of 9am and 5:30pm, or 10am to 7pm in the case of retail outlets. Banks are generally open from 9am to 4:30pm.

Time Zone

Gibraltar is on Greenwich Mean Time plus one hour (GMT +1), with clocks being advanced one hour between March and October.

Emergency Numbers

To contact the following services in Gibraltar, please dial as follows:

Ambulance --> 190/112
Fire --> 190/112
Police --> 199/112
All --> 112

Professional Services

If you wish to engage the services of a specialist practitioner such as an accountant, company formation agent, estate agent or lawyer, please browse

Health & Safety

All matters concerning health, safety and welfare at work and any incident that could derive from a workplace should be forwarded to the Health & Safety Inspectorate:

Health & Safety Inspectorate
Unit 76/77, New Harbours
Tel: +350 20047958
Fax: +350 20073981

Fire Regulations

For Fire Safety in clubs, discotheques, hotels, cinemas, sale and storage of inflammable substances, etc., please contact:

City Fire Brigade
Fire Station, Alameda Parade
Senior Fire Officers Tel: +350 20072936
Administration Tel: +350 20045963
Fax: +350 20076600
Fire Safety:

Planning & Building Applications

For major & minor alterations to buildings, shop fronts, blinds & canopies, etc., please contact:

Town Planning & Building Control
Suite 631, Europort
Tel: +350 20075483
Fax: +350 20074086
Town Planning:
Building Control: