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Plant Life

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Plant Life

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General notes on vegetation and flora

The vegetation of the Rock of Gibraltar is, on the whole, typical Mediterranean in nature. This consists largely of dense scrub of the type known as maquis, but there are other areas of more open, lower scrub known as garigue.

However due to the geologic and geographic nature of the Rock there is considerate variation in the type of scrub, and also in the variety of habitats available to plants. Apart from scrub we have extensive sea cliffs, a limited but important rocky shoreline, the unique great sand slopes of the east side, rocky limestone outcrops and fissures, the steppe conditions of Windmill Hill, and the remains of the sandy isthmus which linked Gibraltar to Spain found at North Front Cemetery.

Types of vegetation and habitats

This consists of a dense, almost impenetrable mass of small trees and shrubs together with creeping and climbing plants, which can be between 3 and 5 metres high. The bulk of the Upper Rock comprises this type of vegetation.