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Gibraltar forms the eastern shore of a bay that has been of commercial importance from the earliest times. It has been claimed that the port of Tharshish to which the fleets of Solomon resorted was situated here. Certainly the Phoenicians recognised the advantages of its protective geographical features: they founded the colony of Melcarthos (Carteia) on the north shore during the 9th century B.C. and made it an entropy for trade with many ports throughout the Mediterranean.


At the entrance to the Mediterranean, in position Latitude - 36°08°N Longitude - 05°22°W.


Cruise liners, ferry, yachts and among other vessels.


One Gibraltar £ = £1 sterling.

Documents required

Three crew lists/passenger lists, Maritime Declaration of Health, ship's register, loadline certificate, de-rating certificate, crew agreement, certificate of insurance concerning civil liability for oil pollution.


Compulsory on arrival and for berthing, unberthing and shifting anchorage. Vessels at anchor may leave without a pilot.


Vessels calling for bunkers or water can be berthed at both sides of the Western Arm. Outer side is 490m long draft up to 9.6m, the inner side is 450m and maximum draft is 8m. Ships of deeper draft can be accommodated according to tide. Vessels calling for lay-up or repairs can be berthed at the Detached Mole. There are also two berths of 100m in length available to vessels discharging general cargoes.

Port administration

The Port of Gibraltar is administered by the Gibraltar Port Authority, with a staff of around 50 as well as seven self-employed pilots, responsible to the Pilot Authority. Within the Government of Gibraltar, the minister with responsibility for the Port is the Minister for Tourism, Public Transport and the Port, The Hon Neil Costa.

Customs formalities in Gibraltar

The Customs Department is responsible for the control of all imports/exports by the sea, land or air. It also has the responsibility for the clearance of passengers and their baggage on arrival in Gibraltar, so controls are exercised over the arrivals of private pleasure crafts.