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Government Contracts

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Government Contracts

Contracts with the Government of Gibraltar monitored by the Department of the Environment include:

Animal Welfare Centre

The company is contracted to attend to the proper running and maintenance of the animal impounding service. Duties include patrolling the streets (a.m. and p.m.), for the collection or seizure of stray cats and dogs, the culling of cats or feral pigeons when directed to do so by GOG, the seizure and collection of biters, seizure of suspected rabid animals, and the feeding and looking after impounded animals for a statutory period. Duties also include the humane destruction of stray dogs and cats, proper disposal of carcasses, and the management, administration and maintenance of the Dog Licensing Service. The animal welfare centre also collect and dispose of dead animals, from where they lay. They may appear as witnesses in prosecutions in respect of dog fouling and unlicensed or unregistered dogs, etc. The Animal Welfare Centre also manages the Dangerous Dogs legislation including the seizure and destruction of dangerous dogs. They are appointed as Government Veterinary Practitioner for the purpose of managing and administering Regulation EC 998/2003 regarding non-commercial movement of pet animals. They provide veterinary expertise where necessary and advise the Government of Gibraltar on legislation, and assisting on public relation issues.

Environmental Agency

The Environmental Agency is contracted as an enforcement authority for HM Government of Gibraltar in the fields of environmental and public health. The Agency is responsible to the Department of the Environment and Climate Change and plays an important role in helping deliver HM Government of Gibraltar's Environmental Objectives.

The Environmental Agency is closely involved with food hygiene and safety, the abatement of statutory nuisances, monitoring of air, drinking and bathing water quality, the control of dust, waste management, monitoring of building applications and investigation of infectious diseases. It is also the Competent Authority for the issue of hawkers and pedlars licences.

Some activities overseen by the Agency require licensing or registration, these being listed below:
- Waste handling / dealing
- Scrap metal handling / dealing
- Importation of milk and water
- Food premises
- Importation of meat or meat products
- Skin piercing / tattooing
- Any activity where dust might be generated

Agency officers take an active part in health and environmental promotion campaigns throughout the year, visiting schools and giving presentations to interested parties. The Agency are also involved in delivering training in the following areas:
- Food Safety
- Health and Safety at work
- Environmental principles

The Agency's contact details are:
Main Office 
37 Town Range, Gibraltar
Tel No: (00350) 20070620
Fax No: (00350) 200744119

Food Imports Office
Customs EPU Building, Ground Floor, Eastgate, British Lines, Gibraltar
Tel No: (00350) 20048268

Further information can be obtained by visiting the Environmental Agency's Website.

Environmental Waste Management Services (EWMS)

EWMS is contracted to collect all paper and waste electrical and electronic equipment generated within government buildings. Spent toners and ink cartridges are also collected for recycling. This is a Government commitment to help meet Gibraltar’s recycling target of 50% by 2020, set out in EU directives. The company is also contracted to dispose of clinical waste in accordance with EU Directives.


The company is contracted to maintain and beautify a number of planted areas.

Gibraltar Veterinary Clinic

Gibraltar Veterinary Clinic is contracted to look after the health and well-being of the Barbary macaques. Tests must be carried out on a regular basis on the apes for possible infectious diseases.

The Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society (GONHS)

GONHS is a non-governmental, membership-based organisation committed to research into, and conservation of, nature in Gibraltar and surrounding regions. They are contracted for the control, upkeep, feeding and general wellbeing of the Barbary Macaques.

Greenarc Ltd.

The company is contracted to maintain and beautify a number of planted areas.

Master Service

The company is contracted to carry out cleaning duties as specified in a programmed schedule of works. Their responsibilities include: the cleansing of public places, highways, streets, roads, Upper Rock, beaches and other specific areas, and the removal of accumulations including bulky items. They also carry out the servicing of refuse containers, litter bins and bin holding areas. They are tasked with the servicing of public toilets, the minor maintenance of street furniture and re-sanding of roads and pavements in the newly beautified areas within the city centre. In addition, the company also services parks and playgrounds but monitoring of these areas falls under the Gibraltar Sports & Leisure Authority.


MetalRok is contracted to dispose of waste electrical and electronic equipment in accordance with EU directives.

Monteverde& Sons Ltd

The company is contracted for the disposal of refuse, mattresses and bulky household items in accordance with EU directives relevant to each type of waste.

Wildlife Gibraltar Ltd

This company is contracted for the upkeep of the Alameda Botanical Gardens. Some of their duties include the maintenance of the “Dell” (sunken garden, maintenance of greenhouse, maintenance of nursery gardens and the general cleaning of the gardens, in terms of weeding and sweeping of planted and common areas). They are also contracted to carry out surveillance monitoring of all terrestrial habitats as well as the culling of seagulls.