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E-business models

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E-business models

Since manufacturing, packaging, delivery and fulfilment as well as other physical activities can be outsourced to other countries, the use of Gibraltar as a sound location for e-business activities is by no means limited to electronically downloadable goods, services or transactions. With its highly developed business services infrastructure, unique physical proximity to the markets of the EU and Africa and its excellent, weather-protected port facilities means that this quality, low-tax jurisdiction can also be used as a transhipment or physical distribution centre for many types of competitively priced VAT-free product and services.

Examples of possible e-business models include:

  • Business advice and management
  • Corporate services
  • Data warehouse centres for processing and storing data
  • Database management services
  • Certification and verification services for business and consumer documents
  • Server hubs for secure transactions and communications
  • Design and Marketing services
  • Financial services such as banking, investment, insurance, stocks and shares, etc.
  • Market Research and Customer Relations services (E-CRM)
  • Electronic publishing
  • Online media services such as news, sport, etc.
  • Online reservations for travel, entertainment, leisure, etc.
  • Telecommunications services
  • Language translation services
  • Education and Internet-based training (E-learning)
  • Legal services
  • Software research & development services
  • Research and online information services
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • Community and vertical portals
  • Retail & wholesale businesses dealing in intangibles or intellectual property such as software or music
  • Search engines and directories