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The Rock of Gibraltar casts an impressive image, whether seen from land, sea or air. On one side is a picture of serenity, its lazy, sandy beaches basking in the Mediterranean sunshine. On the other resides the bustling town, booming business centre and busy harbour. Gibraltar offers an enviable lifestyle with the professionalism and vibrancy of a thriving urban city paired with the numerous benefits of its unique location and desirable climate. Gibraltar boasts 300 days of sunshine per year and a high standard of living, with a variety of sporting, cultural and entertainment facilities, both in and around the Rock. It is an ideal place for those interested in ecotourism, historical sightseeing, leisure pursuits or duty-free shopping.


A large population of wild dolphins (three species) can be found in the Bay of Gibraltar andwhales migrate through the strait, including the largest animal of all, the blue whale. The Botanical Gardens and the Upper Rock Natural History and Heritage Park offer many amazing sights. Furthermore, as the Strait of Gibraltar is the narrowest crossing point for over 200 species of birds migrating between Europe and Africa, the Rock offers unrivalled bird watching opportunities.

The Apes Den provides visitors the rare opportunity to see and interact with the charismatic, semi-wild Barbary macaques, one of Gibraltar’s key attractions.Gibraltar’s spectacular underwater world is another growing market, with over 30 shipwrecks, reefs and pinnacles to choose experience. Visitors are often pleasantly surprised to learn that Gibraltar has six beaches around its coast.

Four of these (Sandy Bay, Eastern Beach, the picturesque village of Catalan Bay and Western Beach) are sandy. Throughout the year, the delightful sub-tropical climate makes Gibraltar’s beaches and nearby amenities prime attractions.

Heritage Tourism

Gibraltar is steeped in over 100,000 years of history; the Rock itself is one of the longest inhabited places in Europe. The local museum and library offer the public the chance to further investigate its rich history. The close proximity of many important heritage sites of international interest, present ideal opportunities for those on short visits. Walking tours are a great way to experience those such as the Rock and Fortress Tunnel.

There are organised tours to visit the enchanting Lower St. Michael’s Cave that includes a beautiful underground lake.Gibraltar’s taxi drivers are typically experienced guides that possess an extensive knowledge of the history, flora and fauna, the legends, the sites, and more importantly, where to take the best pictures.

Leisure & Recreation

Day or night, there’s no shortage of places to go out in Gibraltar. For those seeking good food and drink, Gibraltar’s café society and al fresco dining won’t disappoint. International cuisine includes Italian, Indian, French, Moroccan, English, Spanish, Peking and Szechuan, just some of the options amongst Gibraltar’s first class restaurants.

The marinas and larger hotels offer resident cocktail bars, with comfortable sophisticated atmospheres. But for a less formal evening, there is a selection of cosmopolitan wine bars or traditional pubs. Dance into the small hours at one of Gibraltar’s nightclubs or enjoy a flutter at the Gala Casino club, sited at the lively Ocean Village Leisure Island.

 Casemates Square is filled with fashionable outdoor restaurants, cafés and bars, and is another nightlife hub. The King’s Bastion Leisure Centre on Queensway offers a range of entertainment facilities for all the family to enjoy.

Duty-free Shopping

Gibraltar is a shopper’s heaven, offering duty-free goods despite changes elsewhere in Europe. Prices at the airport, particularly for tobacco and spirits, are among the lowest in the world. Shops open by 10am and stay open to 7pm on weekdays, though may close Saturday afternoons and on Sundays. 
Main Street runs almost the length of town and itswindows are filled with all manner of goods, at attractive prices. In the little lanes and alleys that intersect it, one finds fine goods such as jewellery, both precious and semi-precious, watches, exquisite glassware and porcelain, leather products, perfumes, silks and cashmere. Main Street also caters for those in the market for electrical devices, from computers to cameras and optical equipment, TV’s, mobile phones and hi-fi systems.

Gibraltar is VAT-free, so people find that their money goes further when they visit and shop here, whilst enjoying the wonderful bustling town.

For further information, please contact the Gibraltar Tourist Board (GTB), Duke of Kent House, Cathedral Square, Gibraltar, Tel: +350 20074950, Fax: +350 20074943,,