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Housing & Equality

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Ministry for Housing & Equality

The Honourable Samantha Sacramento, Minister for Housing & Equality welcomes you to the Ministry’s website which has been established for the purposes of informing the public of issues which fall within the remit of her portfolio.
The aim has been for the website be user friendly and most importantly; provide as much information on-line which will be of assistance to current and future service users, with data updated as and when required thus allowing the public always to be fully informed of the latest applicable information.

About the Ministry Housing & Equality

The Ministry Housing & Equality encompasses a vast spectrum of issues which may be applicable to members of our community during their life span. Departments and Agencies which fall under the directions of the Minister are:
Office of the Minister for Housing & Equality Promote, direct and control the application of administrative policies and procedures in compliance with domestic and international legislation. The Office is the pivot of all of the Departments and Agencies of the Ministry. Its main role is to promote and ensure the due administration of statutory obligations and governmental policies and procedures of all issues pertinent to the Ministry.

The office of the Minister consists of:
Private Secretary to the Minister- Mrs Audrey Vella
Personal Assistant to the Minister - Ms D Mcleod
Personal Assistant to the Minister - Mr D Payas
Personal Assistant to the Minister - Mr L Ryan

Email: equ&
Tel: 20066481 Fax: 20042509

Housing Department
The Housing Department is responsible for Government housing stock flats in relation to allocations and collection of rent.

Housing Works Agency
The Housing Works Agency is responsible for the maintanence and refurbishment works of Government housing stock flats.