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Government Development Projects - Archives


- (BA13304) - Proposed extension to offices at first floor level Application Form  |  Drawings
- (BA13300) - Proposed enlargement and modification of existing office layout Application Form  |  Drawings
- (BA13292) - Proposed relocation of two existing war memorial plaques from Gun Wharf to Line Wall Road Application Form  |  Plans   |  Supporting Statement
- (BA13291) - Proposed disabled lift to the western side of the main entrance and associated works Application Form  |  Plans
- (BA13290) - Proposed escalators to side of main entrance Application Form  |  Plans
- (BA13288) - Proposed construction of small boat shed Application Form  |  Plans
- (BA13284) - Demolition of 2 storey temporary steel and timber structure Application Form  |  Plan
- (BA13280) - Conversion and refurbishment of existing MOD block into administration offices for the new University Application Form  |  Existing & Proposed Floor Plans   |  Location Plan
- (BA13275) - Proposed installation of 2 fences with a fan setup across the width of the revetment in two different locations behind Europlaza Estate Application Form  |  Plans
- (BA13257) - Proposed demolition of building F Application Form  |  Site Plan   |  Photographs
- (BA13250) Windmill Hill Road - Proposed construction of warehouse Application Form  |  Drawing Register  |  Drawings
- (BA13249) North Mole Road - Proposed construction of new warehouse Application Form  |  Drawing Register  |  Drawings
- (BA13227) Administration Block, Victoria Stadium - Alterations to relocate sports bar/cafeteria at ground floor level and re-site seminar rooms at first level Application Form  |  Drawing  |  Site plan
- (BA13220) Gibraltar Airport Terminal - Proposed EPU refurbishment Application Form  |  Drawings
- (BA13216) Application Form  |  Demolition Method Statement
- (BA13194) Suite 603 Europort Building - Application to replace existing balustrade Application Form  |  Plans
- (BA13188) Rosia Saluting Battery, Rosia Road - Application for internal rearrangement of office layout Application Form and cover letter  
- (BA13184) Area adjacent to Gorham's Cave Complex
- Proposed repair works to access to caves and to façade of monkeys cave hospital Application Form  |  Master plan Proposals  |  Site A  |  Site B  |  Site C
- (BA13183) Upper Rock (Various Sites) - Proposed alterations and improvements Application Form  |  Site A  |  Site B  |  Site C
- (BA13182) Alameda Gardens - Building application to regenerate and create dog park Application Form  |  Proposals
- (BA13179) St Bernard's Hospital (Central Courtyard) - Building application to construct new building extension to hospital Application Form  |  Drawings
- (BA13177) Parliament building, John Mackintosh Square - Proposed construction of external lift Application Form  |  Floor Plan  |  Photo-montage
- (BA13166) - 0.5mw pilot project for wave energy plant Application Form.pdf  |  Eco Wave Power - Power plant description.pdf Gibraltar-11.jpg  |  Gibraltar-21.jpg  |  Gibraltar-31.jpg  |  Gibraltar-41.jpg  |  jetty_29-06-2014.jpg  |  Power plant - drawing.pdf
- (BA13164) - Proposed internal alterations to offices including forming new window openings Application Form.pdf  |  Proposed Plan & Elevations.pdf
- (BA13163) - Application to demolish cantilevered balcony Application Form.pdf  |  Plans & Elevations.pdf
- (BA13158) - Proposed temporary structure to house coach park/traffic management facilities and infrastructure Application Form.pdf
- (BA13145) - Application to construct basin for land reclamation plus the construction of sports facilities Application Form.pdf  |  Western Beach Reclamation - Proposed Land Use Option 7.pdf
- (BA13134) - Modification to boundary wall and relocation of public entrance Application Form.pdf  |  Location Plan.pdf  |  Roofscape Alterartions.pdf
- (BA13129) - Replacement of roof Application Form.pdf  |  Drawings.pdf  |  Photographic Survey.pdf
- (BA13106) - Proposed internal & external refurbishment of Sub-Post Office Application Form.pdf  |  Location Plan & 3D Images.pdf
- (BA13105) - Proposed extension for Rehabilitation Department Application Form.pdf  |  Drawings.pdf
- (BA13104) - Refurbishment of building PDF IMAGENES CENTRO.pdf - (BA13100) - Proposed construction of two security posts of a steel frame canopy structure and new fencing Drawings.pdf
- (BA13099) - Internal and external refurbishment of ex-post office PDF IMAGENES NORTE.pdf
- (BA13088) - Proposed conversion and refurbishment of the North and West wings of Inces Hall from the Gibraltar International Bank Application Form.pdf  |  Location Plans.pdf  |  Photo-Montages & Elevation.pdf
- (BA13087) - Proposed refurbishment of building and new mono-pitched roof Application Form.pdf  |  Drawings.pdf
- (BA13073) - Demolition of Lathbury watch tower Application Form.pdf  |  Structural Engineers Report.pdf  |  Topographical Survey (Ground Floor).pdf
- (BA13047) - Application to construct a special needs 'stay and play' extension to existing boat house Application Form.pdf  |  Detail Sheet 1.pdf  |  Drawings.pdf  |  Proposed Elevations.pdf  |  Proposed Site Plan.pdf
- (BA13035) - Construction of extension to main stand to accommodate UEFA upgrade requirements inclusive of alterations to main stand itself Application Form.pdf  |  Drawings.pdf  |  Proposed Site Plan.pdf
- (BA13023) - Building Application to replace skate park and provide car parking Application Form.pdf  |  Plan of Proposed Car Park.pdf
- (BA13020) - Proposed single storey liquid oxygen store with integrated workshop Application Form.pdf  |  Drawings.pdf
- (BA12981) - Application for new residential development Application Form.pdf  |  Carpark and Gridlines.pdf  |  North, East and West Elevations.pdf  |  Podium and GF Plans.pdf  |  Podium and Middle Floors.pdf  |  Podium and Roof Plan.pdf  |  Podium and Top Floors.pdf  |  Section AA.pdf  |  Section CC Block 01.pdf  |  South Elevations.pdf  |  Typical Ground Floor (Blocks 1-5).pdf  |  Typical Middle Floor (Blocks 1-5).pdf  |  Typical Top Floor (Blocks 1-5).pdf
- (BA12979) - Proposed addition of two extra storeys to existing building Application Form.pdf  |  Drawings.pdf
- (BA12972) - Construction of new building to house motorcycle club Application Form.pdf  |  Drawings.pdf
- (BA12959) - Proposed mezzanine and installation of windows Application Form.pdf  |  Plans.pdf
- (BA12951) - Proposed office refurbishment and extension Application Form.pdf  |  Site Location, Sections, Floor Plans & Elevations.pdf
- (BA12944) - Proposed demolition of ex-coach park terminal Application Form.pdf
- (BA12934) - Proposed demolition of various structures Application Form.pdf  |  Plan Indicating External Demolitions and Tree Removals.pdf
- (BA12932) - Proposed extension to covered area to create vehicle workshop and mess facilities Application Form.pdf  |  Proposed Plans with Elevations.pdf
- (BA12921) - Proposed demolition of single storey building Appendix A - Security Post Demolition Plan.pdf  |  Application Form.pdf  |  Location Plan.pdf


- (BA12921) - Proposed demolition of single storey building Location Plan.pdf  |  Application Form.pdf  |  Appendix A - Security Post Demolition Plan.pdf
- (BA12917) - Proposed alterations to building Proposed Visual, Plan and Sections.pdf  |  New wages office - Plans and Section.pdf  |  Existing Plans and Demolitions.pdf  |  Application Form.pdf
- (BA12898) - Proposed demolition of party wall Method Statement.pdf  |  Cruise Liner Terminal Existing Wall Partition Demolition Plans, Elevations, Sections.pdf  |  Application Form.pdf
- (BA12894) - Part demolition of No.6 Convent Place Demolition Method Statement.pdf  |  Demolition Application Form.pdf
- (BA12883) - Replacement of balustrades and refurbishment of balconies Typical Balcony Detail as Proposed.pdf Location and Site Plan.pdf  |  Existing and Proposed Visuals.pdf  |  Application Form.pdf



- (BA12377) - Proposed alterations and improvements Key plan.pdf  |  Image 7.pdf  |  Image 6.pdf  |  Image 5.pdf  |  Image 4.pdf  |  Image 3.pdf  |  Image 2.pdf  |  Image 1.pdf  |  Exisiting photographs.pdf  |  Concept study cover.pdf  |  Application forms.pdf
- (BA12375) - Proposed conversion of Block E into a Dementia Day Care Centre Proposed site layout.pdf  |  Proposed photo montage.pdf  |  Proposed new third floor plan.pdf  |  Proposed ground floor plan.pdf  |  Proposed first & second floor plans.pdf  |  Proposed elevations.pdf  |  Existing site photographs.pdf  |  Exisiting site & floor plans.pdf  |  Exisiting elevations.pdf  |  Cover page.pdf  |  Contents page.pdf  |  Application form.pdf
- (BA12372) The sensory Garden-Planting plan.pdf  |  The sensory Garden.pdf  |  Proposed Site Plan.pdf  |  Proposed external gardens Dementia Therapy.pdf  |  BlockG-Mental Health Store-Proposed elevations.pdf  |  BlockB-Dementia Therapy-Level1- Basement floor plan.pdf  |  Block H-Stores Sections.pdf  |  Block H-Stores Elevations.pdf  |  Block G Mental Health store-Proposed floor plans and section.pdf  |  Block B-Dementia Therapy Level 2 Ground Floor plan- sheet 1 of 2.pdf  |  Block B- Ground Floor plan.pdf  |  ApplicationForm.pdf
- (BA12369) - Proposed demolition Site plan.pdf  |  photo.pdf  |  Building 218.pdf  |  Application form.pdf
- (BA12367) - Proposed demolition Site Plan.pdf  |  Balloon Store Photo.pdf  |  Application form.pdf