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Gibraltar river basin

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Gibraltar river basin

Gibraltar River Basin management plan public consultation

The EU’s Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) requires River Basin District management plans to classify the existing state of coastal waters, ground waters and rivers. The Gibraltar plan only covers coastal waters and ground waters as we have no rivers. The directive requires the identification of any potential sources of pollution that could be affecting water bodies. The Gibraltar plan identifies our water bodies as: the main harbour, coastal waters and our aquifers. It describes the main issues affecting these water bodies and highlights key actions proposed to achieve high quality status where applicable.

The annexes to the document give more detail on water quality conditions in Gibraltar’s coastal waters and ground waters, the actions proposed and the mechanisms that can be implemented. An economic analysis of water use is an essential part of the process within the Gibraltar River Basin District management plan. The public is therefore invited to help in creating an effective and achievable plan by providing their views and suggestions on the content of the draft Gibraltar River Basin management plan. The consultation period ended 29th February 2012.