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About Gibraltar

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Calendar of events

Fine Arts Association
Exhibition of work by local artists - First Floor Casemates
Mon to Fri 11.00 am to 1.00 pm / 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm
Sat 11.00 am to 1.00 pm


Gibraltar’s main cultural events are organised by the Ministry of Culture, although there are countless other events such as concerts, plays, exhibitions, etc that are organised by musicians, artists, dancers as individuals or as groups.

Flora & fauna

The rich diversity of nature found in Gibraltar
draws many visitors every year. High on the Rock live its most famous residents, the friendly, charming and inquisitiveBarbary apes, Europe’s only wild primates that have lived here for centuries.


Situated at latitude 36o07'N and longitude 05o21, Gibraltar juts out steeplyfrom the low-lying Spanish territory to which it is connected by a sandyisthmus, a mile long and half a mile wide. Five miles east, across the Bay of Gibraltar,lies the Spanish port of Algeciras and 20 miles south,across the Strait, is northern Africa.

Gibraltar Tourist Board

The following website provides comprehensive advice for those visiting Gibraltar for holidays or business. The site covers where to eat and event listings, and provides guidance on accommodation, things to do, history and heritage sites and general information.


The Rock was formed 200 million years ago,more or less in the shape we see it as today, following a massive upheaval of the Earth. While dinosaurs roamed, the tectonic plates that formed Africa and Europe collided and a massive piece of Jurassic limestone was forced up from the seabed and flipped over.


Throughout the ages, the Rock of Gibraltar has cast a powerful first impression on those that have seen it. Whether approaching by land, sea or air, the Rock looms stark and isolated as it towers above the region.

National symbols

Arms consisting of a triple-towered castle with a golden key in the centre were granted to "The Most Loyal City of Gibraltar" by Ferdinand and Isabella in the year 1502. The original grant on vellum is now in the archives of the Municipality of San Roque.


The Gibraltar Government website will help you to keep up to date with Gibraltar issues and the government's news and activity.Our economy is self-sufficient and growing successfully in astable political climate.


One of the earliest events to concentrate the minds of Gibraltar's citizens on the weather occurred on 31st January 1776, when 50 lives were lost in a great deluge of unrecorded intensity. During this terrific storm, 33 inches of rain (838 mm) are said to have fallen in 26 hours.