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2000-2006 Objective 3 Programme

In 1999 Gibraltar was also designated an Objective 3 area for the Programme period 2000-2006.  This represented a continuation of earlier Objective 3 and 4 Programmes.

Gibraltar was included in the Operational Plan for the UK as the Objective 3 Programme is a national Programme.  In 1999 Regional Development Plan describing the specific priorities and key target groups for ESF support was developed for Gibraltar.

The Objective 3 Programme is split into 5 policy fields that aim to:

  1. Tackle long-term unemployment.
  2. Help young people and those at risk from not being able to find work.
  3. Improve training, education and counselling for longlife learning.
  4. Encourage entrepreneurship and adaptability in the workplace.
  5. Promote equal opportunities and improve the role of women in the workplace.

Each of the Policy Fields are further divided into Measures which describe the areas where support is concentrated.

Policy Field 1

Measure 1

To improve advice, guidance and support to help people to develop active and on-going job search plans and prevent them from moving into long-term unemployment.

Measure 2

To improve the chances of work of the unemployed, returners and young   people of working age through targeted involvement to improve vocational and other key skills and remove external barriers to entering the labour market.

Policy Field 2

Measure 1

To widen access to basic skills through developing new and creative and effective ways of promoting and providing basic skills, directed at those groups) disadvantaged, excluded from or under-represented in the workplace.

Measure 2

a) To provide help to improve chances of employment and remove barriers to entering the labour market for those groups disadvantaged in the labour market such as:

  • People with disabilities
  • Ethnic minorities
  • 13 to 17 year olds who have chosen to leave the educational system.
  • Lone parents.
  • Older workers.
  • Ex-offenders.
  • The homeless.
  • Refugees.
  • People recovering from addiction.

b) To develop local responses to help individuals with many disadvantages in the labour market who face the risk of not being given opportunities.

Measure 3

To fight discrimination in the labour market, in particular to combat race, disability and age discrimination and improve the chances of employment for these groups.

Policy Field 3

Measure 1

a) Promoting lifelong learning and encouraging groups who lack basic and key skills to take part.

b) Supporting the main policy developments in lifelong learning to improve the numbers taking part.

Measure 2

Improving employment skills through directing and supporting lifelong learning so that it reflects the changing needs of employees, such as in the fields of IT, management and the environment.

Policy Field 4

Measure 1

To update and upgrade employees’ vocational skills, including basic and key skills.

Measure 2

To identify and meet developing skills shortages, including those at higher levels.

Measure 3

To encourage entrepreneurship and make businesses more competitive, particularly SMEs.

Policy Field 5

Measure 1

To improve access to learning and remove barriers to employment.

Measure 2

To put money into issues related to gender discrimination in employment such as recruitment, pay, isolation and progression.

The total planned spend of the 2000-2006 Objective 3 Programme is some £9.8 million.  Of this total, £4.4 million is provided by ESF, a further £5.4 million is provided by the Government of Gibraltar and the private sector.

The following table summarises the total allocation and the current commitment for the Programme.

ESF 4.4099
State/PS 5.3899
Total 9.7998

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