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2000-2006 Interreg IIIA Gibraltar/Morocco Programme

The Interreg IIIA Programme is a trans-frontier Programme which aims to develop cross border co-operation between Gibraltar and Morocco.  The 2000-2006 Programme follows-on from the 1994-99 Interreg IIA Programme.

The aim of the Programme is to overcome the specific problems arising from Gibraltar being a maritime border of the European Union and the specific problems arising from the comparative isolation of Gibraltar from the member state and in relation to the European Union as a whole.

The Programme funds can support activities in the following areas:

  • Priority 1:  Tourism, Maritime Transport, Cultural Heritage, Research and Technology, ICT and SME Development.
  • Priority 2: Facilities for Business Skills Training.
  • Priority 3: Technical Assistance.

Priority 1 is broken into 3 Measures.

Measure 1(a):  Tourism and Transport

  • Promoting sea transport;
  • Joint marketing of two-centre holidays;
  • Promoting of short-distance maritime transport. 

Measure 1(b):  Cultural and Natural Heritage

  • Islamic Heritage;
  • Cultural events and conferences;
  • Joint programmes of research;
  • Conservation of Barbary Macaque;
  • Studies of indigenous plant species;
  • Studies of bird migrations.

Measure 1(c):  Research and Technological Department

  • Distance-learning;
  • Studies to identify economic complementarities.

Priority 2 – Measure 1:  Business Skills Training of the Development of Co-operation Actions

  • Development of contacts;
  • Familiarising Moroccan businessmen with Gibraltar’s financial services;
  • Actions to break down barriers arising from the differences in language;
  • Support special needs of the resident Moroccan Community in Gibraltar;
  • Training exchanges and exchanges of experience.

In addition to these Programme measures there are four horizontal themes which cut across all activities.

  • Equal opportunities;
  • Environmental sustainability;
  • Information and communication technology;
  • Publicity actions.

The total allocation of the 2000-2006 Interreg IIIA Programme is some €0.85 million (£0.52 million).   Of this total, €0.42 (£0.26 million) is provided for by ERDF and a further €0.42 (£0.26 million) is provided by the Government of Gibraltar.  (Using an exchange rate of £1 = €1.62).  The Programme does not include any private sector contributions, any funds levered-into the Programme would be additional to the public contribution.

The following table summaries the total allocation and current commitment under each of the measures, broken down by the different sources.

Total Allocation by Measure (£ million)

 Measure ERDF State Private Total (1)
 1 0.2054  0.2054  0.0123  0.4108
 2 0.0508 0.0508 0.0000 0.1016
 3 0.0062 0.0062 0.0000 0.0124
 Total 0.2624 0.2624 0.0123 0.5248

(1)     The Private Sector funds are only indicative and have not been included as part of the total cost.

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