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Gibraltar gives a high priority to the education of its youth. The education system follows that of the UK; therefore students in Gibraltar undertake the same examinations as those in Britain. There are no facilities in Gibraltar for full-time higher education; consequently all students follow courses elsewhere at degree or equivalent level and certain non-degree courses. The Gibraltar Government operates a scholarship/grant system to provide funding for students studying in Britain. Gibraltar now has a substantial pool of graduate expertise available to employers in a variety of fields.

A national of an EU State may work in Gibraltar and enjoy all the benefits and protections of the European legislation relating to the free movement of workers. The worker will be entitled to freedom from discrimination on the grounds of his or her nationality at the workplace and the worker will be entitled to residence, as will his or her family.
Non-EU nationals may also be able to obtain employment in Gibraltar but they are required to obtain a work permit. The following requirements, however, have to be satisfied prior to acquiring the work permit:

  • The employer will undertake to repatriate the worker if and when his or her services are no longer required
  • There has to be acceptable arrangements for accommodation

Be that as it may, if a work-permit employee has worked in Gibraltar for an uninterrupted period of 12 months or over, they shall no longer require a work permit to secure employment in Gibraltar.


All business trades and professions (i.e. every person who has a place of business in Gibraltar or who carries on business in Gibraltar) are required to be duly registered. Similarly, an employer must notify the engagement of a worker not later than the day on which that engagement commences. A ‘Notice of Terms of Engagement’ constitutes the formal notification document for this purpose.

Employers must likewise register any vacancy arising within their establishment and notify the termination of employment of an employee within 7 days of date of termination.

The Registration Section is thereby in a position to compile the relevant statistics in relation to Gibraltar’s labour market.

The following registration and annual renewal fees apply:

Registration £50
Annual Renewal £20


Ministry of Employment
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General Enquiries Tel: +350 20040408
Director of Employment Tel: +350 20040410
Labour Inspectors Tel: +350 20074999
Health & Safety Inspectors Tel: +350 20047958
Industrial Tribunal Tel: +350 20048418
Fax: +350 20073981
Job Centre Tel: +350 20040409
Fax: +350 20073981
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